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We provide counselling and psychological services to couples, individuals and families in their home community.


Handle Workplace Stress

Work can be rewarding, but can also cause a lot of stress in a person’s life.


In Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, stress in the workplace is a major issue.  However, many workplaces offer extended healthcare benefits to their employees, and psychological services are often covered. Check your benefits package to determine if you are able to receive affordable counselling by one of our psychologists, psychological associates, social workers or psychotherapists.

You spend a large amount of your life at work, so you want this time to be positive.  Being a member of a positive workplace has many benefits.  A positive work environment can:

  • Enrich your life
  • Provide a sense of purpose, accomplishment and contentment
  • Help you make social connections and long-lasting friendships

However, when you are subjected to a negative workplace or bad work environment it can contribute to feelings of:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Dissatisfaction

If you are unlucky enough to be stuck in a negative workplace, leaving is not the only way to make things better.  Consider getting in touch with a counsellor or mental health professional in your community.  Dalton Associates provide counselling services through a network of over 250 mental health professionals and psychologists across Ontario.  With over 300 office locations throughout Ontario and the GTA, you are sure to find a qualified and caring counsellor in your area who can help you cope with work related stress and issues.


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